Revenants Revival

Race:  Chaos Pact
Coach:  Tim
Prince Dorian (Former owner of the renowned Chaos All-stars) has emerged from his rest (aka Regeneration) and decided to assemble another pack of misfits to enter the Blood bowl field.
We give to you, in cold-heart suckerpunch: The Revenants Revival!

Revenants Revival team badge
Bulletin board from the coach


Tournaments played:
S1 First Blood, S2 - Turftaking
Trophies won:
3rd place: S1 First Blood


Förberett sin arena för uppgradering 190217.

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Latest matches:
S2 - Turftaking, Final
  0    Green Acorns
  1    Streaming Sauri
S2 - Turftaking, Semifinal
  3    Green Acorns
  2    Bloodington Green...
S2 - Turftaking, Semifinal
  2    Streaming Sauri
  1    We praise Sylvanas
S2 - Turftaking, Kval
  1    We praise Sylvanas
  0    Revenants Revival
S2 - Turftaking, Kval
  1    Bloodington Green...
  0    Bandaged Brawlers
S2 - Turftaking, Crossover 2
  0    Milwaukee Softails
  2    We praise Sylvanas
S2 - Turftaking, Crossover 1
  2    Revenants Revival
  0    Milwaukee Softails
S2 - Turftaking, round 5
  2    Ooga Booga
  0    Milwaukee Softails
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